40 years of history and of effort, service and commitment and above all dedication.


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Our story begins one day in June 1970, when Jose Manuel Guesalaga, the company's founder, started out on a new career path with great enthusiasm, which was different from the one he had had up until then. .

After a learning phase, he decided to start his own business and he founded the company: GRAFICAS OTZARRETA. With more will power than resources, it was launched to seek its future in the graphic arts business.

Thus, in 1971 he moved it to the family farmhouse, on the winery where for many years; his parents had raised their livestock and kept the farm implements. As a tribute to its forebears, the name "Otzarreta" was inscribed on the façde of the company.

He was joined by three of his brothers in the first three years: One must not forget the undeniable and constant cooperation of their wives, Begoña, Marga, Koro and Nieves, who since its inception were equally committed to the project, and worked on it.

Subsequently, in 1976, Otzarreta moved to a small pavilion built near the family farmhouse.


The first business card.


Transfer to the family farmhouse, on the winery, where for a long time, livestock was raised and farm implements were kept.


New relocation. This time to a small pavilion, built near the farmhouse.


The work assignments in those days: invoicing, forms and labels work that came from the cooperation of another brother of the family, who ran "Restaurante Otzarreta".


The plant was expanded with the acquisition of the "Heidelberg" brand typographic printing press.




During the following years, Otzarreta grew through a clear service spirit, partly supported by the huge trust that customers placed in it and in the people who represented it.

High quality and professionalism were the keys for the progress of the products, improving the graphics quality and service. Moreover, since its inception, one of the company's constants was its relentless investment in innovation and technology. From these investments, that decade was marked by some of the most significant milestones of the early years. First, the relocation of its facilities to the current location.

Also, it is worth highlighting that in 1984 the photographic set was created and years later, with the purchase of two four-colour printing machines, it completed an installed base of machinery with 13 printing units.


The first "Compugraphic" typesetting equipment


Transfer to the facilities of the current pavilions.


Creation of the 400 m2 photographic set, with the equipment required to work with all types of products and styles.


A very large investment in machinery: "Roland" four-color printing and cutting-edge electronic printing control technology.


The purchase of a second machine with similar features to the previous one, completed a large installed machinery base with a total of 13 printing units.




In the next decade was one of the most significant milestones occurred: the design of a new business model; Otzarreta went on from solely printing to a comprehensive service model, which allowed customers to find solutions to their different requirements, thanks to a job flow that encompassed all the production phases.

Starting with the requirements analysis, passing through the photography, the design, the layout, the printing and the finishing, in order to offer the customer a high quality end product. This business model became the first and only one at a national level.

In response to these changes in the type of services offered, in 1990 it was decided to change the company's name from "Gráficas Otzarreta" to "Comunicación Gráfica Otzarreta".

Driven by the needs of the market, and seeking added-value for the product, both an external and an internal adaptation process occurred.

During these years, other important events occurred such as receiving of awards for printing quality at a national and an international level, the purchase of a modern photomechanics system, the introduction of the "Computer to Film" and "Computer to Plate" the digital printing and variable data system, or the purchase of the first digital photographic equipment.

Years and years of changes and investments led to progressive increases in the workforce, as well as the opening of new markets, with the creation of a branch office in Madrid.


The print quality contest, for the IDEAL award, organised by the French firm "Arjomari". The result: first prize at a national level and subsequently third prize at an international level.


Introduction of a modern and comprehensive high-end photomechanical system with a "Linotype-Hell" scanner, for digital image processing.


Pioneers in the business with the introduction of Computer to Film.


Opening up the market; the opening of an Otzarreta branch office in Madrid.


The purchase of a "Computer to Plate (CTP)" system.


Introduction of the digital and variable data printing system.
Purchase of the first digital photographic equipment.




Between the years 2000 - 2010, Otzarreta held a prestigious place in the graphic communication business.

It reasserted itself as a comprehensive business model, gaining in quality, reliability and efficiency and bolstering its specialised customer service, thanks to the different departments of the photography and the photomechanical sets, the design studio and layout, pre-printing, high quality printing and processing.

Thus, the end result was a differentiated product that was attractive and which actually became an excellent selling tool for our customers.

Once again this rapid evolution brought awards and recognition of its expertise: Annual Design Award, for the best corporate identity.

It should be highlighted that in recent years, some of the greatest progress was precisely made in the areas of customer service, creativity and design, orientated towards the creation of communication projects such as those for Corporate Identities, Catalogues, Business Reports, Product Catalogues... and numerous publications of projects in national and international media: "Select", "Made in Spain", "Guía Creativity", "Experimenta", "Visual" magazine, etc.

Years of change and growth with the opening of the branch office in Barcelona office and the presence of delegate sales managers in the rest of the Iberian peninsula, the creation of a web department, complete remodelling of the facilities and most importantly, for today's business, a new approach with the launch of three new brand names.


The purchase of the "Speed Master". Thanks to its CPC 24 image control, it guarantees security, quality and uniformity in the printing.


Opening of the branch office in Barcelona, with the presence of sales delegates in the rest of the Iberian peninsula.


Annual Award for the best corporate identity.
"Communication" Award, Park of Madrid.


Creation of the Web department.


Remodelling of the offices and utmost development in the creative and design department.


A new look: repositioning of the services and launch of 3 brand names:
- 20/800
- PhotoGraphika
- Otzarreta Grafika




Otzarreta Comunicación is aware of its potential as an experienced, leading and innovative company in the areas of design, virtual photography and special finishes at a European level, so it has decided to carry out studies and actions for its internationalisation that are beginning to bear fruit in France, Portugal and Germany.


Repositioning in view of the global crisis, strengthening its original brand: otzarreta comunicación; strengthening its three specialities:
-corporate image, creativity and graphic design;
-virtual 3D and conventional photography;
-printing and special finishes.


Anuaria 2011 chosen as best graphical image.
Anuaria 2011 chosen as best commercial publicity campaign.
Anuaria 2011 chosen as best book or publishing design.
Anuaria 2011 chosen as best publicity catalogue.
Anuaria 2011 chosen as best package or packaging line.


Opening of a branch office in Germany.
Index Book selects our work for the Keunka Mexican Collection in the Illustration category of the Select K edition