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Newsletter 06 / 2013

Otzarreta in TV

The new interactive tools Otzarreta provides its customers have caught the attention of TVE.
The 'interactive paper' is taking on life and is doing so through the development of new APPs for tablets and smartphones. This APP with Augmented Reality makes a communication jump possible and brings a new dimension to printing on paper. Although it seems beyond reach for many people, we have developed this technology in a way that is fully accessible with competitive prices.

APP for Rising Sun 2013 calendar.

Nuevas Herramientas Interactivas

TVE has shown interest in this innovative tool in the form of a calendar, which is making an impact in countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. This is also due to its impact on the business world, where it has direct application in areas as diverse as tourism, general industry, art and of course, furniture.

Furthermore, other printed media (Grupo Correo, Empresa XXI) have published reports about this innovative calendar, whose interactive characteristics are applicable to catalogues, memories, displays, posters, adverts, etc.

For more information, visit our website www.otzarreta.com