07 / 2014

Otzarreta: committed to education and social and environmental improvement.

On Tuesday 17/6/2014 the latest "escola impremta" was held in the Alkartu Basque school in Barakaldo (Bizkaia). It is the third time it has been held in the Basque Country, and Otzarreta is participating as a supplier within its program of corporate social responsibility for the active and voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement.

It is a labour linked to our graphic arts service and to education, and it is aimed at schools. Our participation consists of providing the equipment needed for the children to develop their imagination and a feel for paper and to learn how to cut, bind and print, etc. But the most important thing is for them to learn to share resources.

The objective is to create school supplies using material left over from printing businesses and give it a second chance to be used, transforming it into supplies for schools. This initiative, which originated in Catalonia, is currently taking on much more meaning in these times of cutbacks experienced in the education sector, which has been greatly affected by the recession.


Children from the school in Barakaldo busy with printing tasks. We can learn a lot from them.


They also made their own masks for the school's end-of-year party. They were very active and focused on their work.

We hope this initiative will have a lot of support from companies and professionals in the graphic communication sector and that more events like this will be held.

Things do not change by themselves, we change them.

We would like to give a special mention to the permanently active collaboration of Diego Rodríguez who got us started in this beautiful and enriching activity.