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Newsletter 11 / 2013

The world of furniture needs high quality virtual photography (CGI).

Virtual photography in 3D (CGI) by Otzarreta Comunicación for the modernist-style furniture sector.

Otzarreta is a European leader in virtual photography. Everything related to the surroundings in which we wish to live is reflected in our creations of virtual images in 3D (CGI).

Sectors such as furniture, lighting, ceramics, flooring, decorations and architecture are the source for 97% of our virtual photography (CGI) projects; their common denominator is care and exigency of the finishings and surfaces of the products and their surroundings. The environments that surround the furniture, lights, flooring, etc. are essential for adding value to the product and creating an emotional link with the client. The architecture of the scene, the decoration, the light and the details that envelop the product in an ideal setting must be taken into account so the buyer identifies it as their own. The significance of the atmosphere takes on a greater weight as the nexus between the product and the consumer. Therefore it is as important as the use of tools such as 3D photographs (CGI), dynamic, flexible, easily transformed and much more economically attractive than conventional photography.

At Otzarreta Comunicación, our photographic retouching department, with over 25 years of experience, enables us to maintain an unbeatable realism, in other words, the same true vision as in traditional images. And all under the supervision of the art director specialising in photography.

Virtual photography in 3D (CGI) by Otzarreta Comunicación for the contemporary-style furniture sector in a rustic setting.


One of the numerous advantages of the virtual creation of environments is the possibility of presenting the product in the most versatile or suitable way for each type of project. Framing the furniture in warmer, more minimalist, more spacious settings... the options are endless.

Virtual photograph in 3D (CGI) by Otzarreta Communication for the lighting sector for public premises.


In the creation of atmospheres it is essential to select the most appropriate lighting. Especially in images aimed at spaces in the hotel and restaurant or services sector, or public environments in any scope.

Virtual photography in 3D (CGI) by Otzarreta Comunicación for the office furniture sector in an industrial setting.


Office furniture presented in an extensive, light, tidy, more attractive 3D space transmits stronger connotations of quality and design that could be obtained in a real setting.

Application of augmented reality with a virtual product in 3D (CGI) by Otzarreta Comunicación for the office furniture sector viewed with an iPad.


The generation of 3D furniture in augmented reality opens up the possibility of creating highly functional applications. The idea is for the user to be able to experiment or test this 3D furniture in their own space; their home, office, public establishment, etc., without the need for a real prototype.

If you would like to find out more about retouching 3D images and photographs, augmented reality or the rest of our services: branding, graphic design, printing, special finishes... visit www.otzarreta.com