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Newsletter 01 / 2013

Graphical image of the session on cooperative banking and SMEs organised by Caja Laboral-Ipar Kutxa and Unacc

<b>04</b>. Publicity mediaImagen gráfica de las Jornadas Banca Cooperativa.jpg

Ercisa, a Professional Congress Organiser, directed the session entitled “Towards the Internationalisation of SMEs” and commissioned Otzarreta to create the graphical image of the same. Event sponsored by Caja Laboral-Ipar Kutxa and UNACC.

The session was held at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao in mid-November 2012 with the participation of 500 attendees and speakers whose quality was highly praised by the participants.

01. General image of the session

<b>01</b>. General image of the session


General image of the Session and its application to the different elements.

02. Graphical applications

<b>02</b>. Graphical applications

Hall Decoration:

Application of the image to the decoration of hall A1 of Euskalduna Palace.

03. Digital media

<b>03</b>. Digital media


mage and creation of the Session website where online registration for the event is facilitated.


Design of the publicity banner for the official website of Caja Laboral.

04. Publicity media

<b>04</b>. Publicity media


Design of publicity graphics and insertion in the newspapers El Correo and Deia.

More information on this event:
Europapress, Press room of Caja Laboral