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Newsletter 11 / 2011

The success of a close collaboration with the Prado Museum

Las Meninas

The 'Prado Museum Guide' project is a cause for pride at Otzarreta, due both to the trust placed in us by the Prado Museum and to the excellent development and result of this medium of enormous technical difficulty.

The beginning, a challenge...

Since our first contact with the Prado Museum we understood the challenge that making a Guide meant. This medium represents one of the essential parts of the Museum, which was, on the one hand, a reason to be proud due to the trust placed in all of us, and on the other, a project of enormous technical complexity regarding coordination and printing.

Demands concerning colours testing our possibilities 'to the limit'.

The main objective has consisted of faithfully reproducing each and every one of the tonal values that appear in the extensive collection of works at the Museum, bearing in mind the different schools and styles present in these kinds of works. For this reason, the project started with a visit to the Prado Museum to better capture, first hand, the sensitivity required in the details to be reproduced.

Printing put to the test.

One of the main obstacles when carrying out the pre-printing and the actual printing of the Guide was the variety of shades of black in the paintings. Images where there were mainly dark areas, but which in turn showed small differences that were perceptible in the final printout. During the printing process each one of the sheets to be printed was revised with the customer, indicating in each case the “delicate” areas of colour.

Oriented towards offering the best service to the customer

Carrying out these types of projects that are very demanding at a technical level also requires being with the customer, a monitoring and a service that goes beyond the end of the job, such as for example the storage service of the Guides and their supply depending on the needs of the Prado Museum.

The best ending to the visit to the Prado Museum.

At Otzarreta, we hope that all the visitors to the museum can enjoy this excellent Guide when they end their visit. As a consultation tool, as a souvenir, or simply as an excellent publication that will occupy a space on their bookshelves, we hope to have achieved the purpose of helping every user to enjoy this tool of great quality and beauty.