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Newsletter 12 / 2013

We are renewing our web with Responsive Web Design, a technology that adapts to a range of devices.

Otzarreta's website adapted to various devices.

We are proud to present our responsive website, created with Responsive Web Design technology. This cutting edge technology created by Ethan Marcotte enables the website to adjust perfectly to various devices (mobile phones, Ipad, tablets and desktop computers) based on a single HTML file and a CSS (cascading style sheet).

01. Numerous advantages:

Otzarreta Comunicación website adapted to four different screen sizes.


One of the strong points of Responsive Design is mainly aimed at webmasters. Now it is not necessary to create a different version for each device. Guidelines are provided to adapt the website to different screen widths. from the same HTML file and CSS. Thus we perceive a more unified image and design and save on maintenance costs and downtime.

02. User experience

Image of a mobile device user.


More and more users are surfing the Internet on their mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, adapting to the variety of screen sizes is indispensable. This solution (Responsive Web Design) enhances the experience of these users by adapting the site design to the needs of their devices.

Whether you want to order a study of your website to adapt it to different devices or further information about Responsive Web Design, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you without obligation.